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Dancing With the Stars Episode Recaps

dwts week 35: TheA starsgroup takeHustle, onand theNatalie sambagoes andout thein rumba!a shocker

dwts week 35 »

dwts week 24: BazFour Luhrmannnew dances! guest-judgesChuck goes down for Lenthe Goodman!count

dwts week 24 »

dwts week 2 chatter3Week 1 concluded with a double-elimination, as Macy: GraySambas and Ashley Hamilton dance their last steps ofRumbas, the competition. What's going to happen this week? Kathy, Tom D and Michael have to be among the favorites to go, basedgoodbye, onDebi last& week, right?Tom

sounddwts week off3 »

dwts week 12: two-weekBaz Luhrmann eventguest-judges! beginsKathy LIVEis mondayeliminated

septemberdwts 28week at2 8/7c!»

dwts week 1 chatterSeason 9: CastSeason Revealed!premiere! AnyoneMacy shocked???Weekand 1!MarkAshley Dacascosare thefirst Darkto Horse.. go

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