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Video Dance Lesson Dance As Seen On The Show About The Dance

The Cha Cha

Video by: LoveToDanceDanceDance

The Cha Cha by Cheryl Burke and Gilles Marini

Video by: jimmbboe
The Cha Cha is a cheeky, lively and flirtatious dance. There are five distinctive foot movements that are danced in 4 beats, giving it it's recognisable "One, Two, Cha Cha Cha".

Distinctive Moves:

-Triple Steps (Chassez)
- Rock steps
-Cuban motion (hip movement resulting from the alternating bending and straightening of the knees)
- Synchronised dance movement as the dancers work in parallel to each other
- The New Yorker is another move characteristic of this dance, where one dancer steps across their partner and then checks to change direction.
The Foxtrot

Video by: LoveToDanceDanceDance
The Foxtrot by Kym Johnson and Joey Fatone

Video by: blahzooo
The Foxtrot is a dance that was created as a result of an act that an actor named Harry Fox did. Dancers began copying his act and they called it Fox's Trot. It is referred to as the Rolls Royce of the standard dances due to it's smooth style with continuous forward and backward movements. It's timing is "slow- quick-quick-slow".

Distinctive Moves :

- The Weave.. Six quick steps in a row ( all done on the toes)
- The Feather Step... When the man steps outside the girl
- Zigzag patterns that the dancers create on the dance-floor.
The Jive

Video by: DYDizzy
The Jive by Julianne and Derek Hough

Video by: Lovelatin26
The Jive has it's roots in New York's Harlem, and derives influences from Boogie, Rock'n Roll, Swing and the Lindyhop. It is fast, rhythmical and swinging with lots of kicks, flicks and twirling of the woman. The feet and knees remain under the body and the knees should be close together.

Distinctive Moves:

- The basic moves are right and left Chassez's,and rock steps where the weight is changed from one foot to the other.
- The "flick-ball-change" movements.
- The kicks are distinctive because the toes are always pointed to the floor during the kick.
- The American Spin (the man lets go of his partner allowing her to spin on her own.
The Paso Doble

Video by: dacco
The Paso Doble by Julianne Hough and Apollo Anton Ono

Video by: blahzooo
The Paso Doble is dramatic and should make us think of bull fighting. This dance favors the man as the Matador, with the woman's role varying from his cape, to the bull, to reflections of the Matador himself. Aspects of the dance include marching-like steps, and cape-like movements.

Distinctive Moves:

- Chassez Cape, where the man uses the woman as a cape to bring her around.
- The Apel, where the man stams his foot. These movemants are meant to be strong.
- Strong Flamenco influences as noted in the arm and hand movements.
The Quickstep

Video by: lockstepper
The Quickstep by Alec Mazo and Toni Braxton

Video by: dzemil

The Rumba

Video by: LoveToDanceDanceDance
The Rumba by Tony Dovolani and Melissa Rycroft

Video by: missdrspark

The Samba

Video by: LoveToDanceDanceDance
The Samba by Mark Ballas and Shawn Johnson

Video by: DanceWTS1

The Tango

Video by: LoveToDanceDanceDance
The Tango by Maxim Chmerkovsky and Mel B.

Video by: Dance4Fun22

The Waltz

Video by: LoveToDanceDanceDance
The Waltz by Derek Hough and Brooke Burke

Video by: geewhy

The Salsa

Video by: LoveToDanceDanceDance
The Salsa by Tony Dovolani and Melissa Rycroft

Video by: missdrspark