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The 4th Judge: Dancing With the Stars Fan Blog


Conspiracy Theory

October 22, 2009
Women celebrity dancers have won the last four DWTS. Adam Corrola felt like the Season 9 male celebrity dancers needed a pep talk in order to win it so he gave them one and you don't want to miss below.
Do you think a male celebrities will break the DWTS Conspiracy Theory Season 9?
Add youyour thoughts here


MJ Tribute/Beyonce Season 10

October 20, 2009
MJ loved Beyonce. The DWTS program will honor Michael Jackson with three different numbers. The dances - which will be performed by the professionals - were choreographed by a team of people including Cheryl Burke, Derek Hough, Tony Dovolani, Mark Ballas and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. I hope DWTS makes MJ real happy with Beyonce as a contestant Season 10...
Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas dancing to PYT
Team Mambo Dancing To Beyonce
Little Beyonce dancing to MJ
MJ fond of Beyonce
Pease bring on Beyonce as a DWTS contestant for Season 10, MJ would love that!!


Two-Step Chuck: The Iron Giant

October 19, 2009
"Two-Step" Chuck Lidell (The Iron Giant) cannot dance, can barely act, but he can Ulitmate fight and has a good sense of humor!

Amid a flood of text messages from friends and family, Liddell spoke Wednesday about his DWTS experiences by telephone from Los Angeles, where he had been learning to dance since August. He survived into the fourth week of the show. But after he performed a two-step dance with partner Anna Trebunskaya on Monday night, the judges gave Liddell a low score of 17 out of 30 points. He was eliminated on Tuesday's show.
Trebunskaya's husband, Jonathan Roberts, was eliminated in the second round with his assigned celebrity partner, singer Macy Gray. After that he helped his wife train Liddell.
"I'm going to give them a vacation for helping me out," said Liddell, who also made friends with cast members Michael Irvin, Louie Vito and Donny Osmond.
"Donny was a great guy to hang around with," he said. "I'm going to be in Vegas (today), and I'm going to check out his show."
While he was critical of the judges — who he said were more celebrities than bona fide judges — Liddell was also critical of his dancing.
"I'm not complaining about my scores," he said, acknowledging he lacked technical skills. "But them ragging on my two-step — and in the same manner Louie's two-step — none of them know how to judge a two-step. They don't do the two-step."

"Two-Step" Chuck took the DWTS judges comments about his dance skills in stride and is not angry with them whatsoever. Chuck is shown below in a funny video clip with Anna on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last week to prove it. The shows host Jimmy Kimmel pokes constant fun at Chuck and calls him an "Iron Giant," claims he was injured a few weeks back and razed Lidell about his dress progression as the weeks went by. Chuck is a good sport, thanks for being on DWTS!!

Is the "Iron Giant" right at all when he says the DWTS judges "don't know what they are talking about half the time anyway?"
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DWTS Tour Cancelled?

October 17, 2009
The 2009/10 DWTS Tour Cancelled? Indeed, it looks to be true. The dancingwiththestarstour.com website is no longer there.
Dancing With The Stars Tour
What can DWTS fans do? Let DWTS know how you feel here and stay tuned for more details as this story continues to break, in the meantime, here is a clip to enjoy from last year's DWTS tour stop in Philadelphia.


The Charleston - The Roaring Twenties

October 16, 2009
The Charleston was one of four new dances on DWTS last show along with the Two-Step, Bolero and Lambada. When Judge Bruno exclaimed to Mellisa Joan Hart that she was a "Flapper Girl" and Judge Len sensed she had the right "Channel, Energy and Spirit" it was on to get to the bottom of this super fast dance.
The Charleston dance became popular after appearing along with the song, "The Charleston," by James P. Johnson in the Broadway musical Runnin' Wild in 1923. Although the origins of the dance are obscure, the dance has been traced back to blacks who lived on an island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina (which is why the dance is called "Charleston"). The Charleston dance had been performed in black communities since 1903, but did not become internationally popular until the musical debuted in 1923. The music for the Charleston is ragtime jazz, in quick 4/4 time with syncopated rhythms. The dance uses both swaying arms and the fast movement of the feet. To begin the dance, one first moves the right foot back one step and then kicks backwards with the left foot while the right arm moves forward. Then both feet and arms are replaced to the start position and the right foot kicks forwards while the right arm moves backwards. This is done with a little hop in between steps. The Charleston dance became extremely popular in the 1920s, especially with Flappers. The dance could be done by oneself, with a partner, or in a group.

Do you think Mellisa and Mark deserved a 10 score for their Charleston?


Mario Lopez a fan of Shakira

October 15th, 2009
Sharika unleashed her brand new song "She Wolf" during the DWTS results show on Tuesday. One her fans is actor Mario Lopez. Lopez and dance partner Karina Smirnoff where on DWTS during season 3 in the fall of 2006. Mario came in 2nd place overall losing to Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke even though his scores averaged higher overall.

"Those hips don't lie," Lopez says about the Colombian pop beauty. But Lopez's Dancing with the Stars judges are equally complementary about his moves. Judge Bruno Tonioli calls him "Super Mario" because of his hip-swiveling moves, while Carrie Ann Inaba tells PEOPLE, he's "very sexy, very spicy" and "tapped into his athleticism and sensuality."

So, who is the better dancer, Shakira or Mario?

Karina Smirnoff and Mario Lopez


DWTS Patrick Swayze Tribute

October 14, 2009
DWTS honors the passing up Patrick Swayze.
He died Sept 14, 2009 at the age of 57 after his determined battle to defeat pancreatic cancer. Patrick made a guest appearance on Dancing's inaugral U.S. season in 2005, teaching friend and fellow actor John O'Hurley a few dance moves in rehearsal. Swayze showed up at the end of season 1 to offer his continued support.

“We have some very fond memories of [the late actor] coming to help us our when we were a tiny little show way back when,” Dancing’s executive producer Conrad Green says.

What kind of memories do you have of Patrick and DWTS?


DWTS Day With Natalie Coughlin

October 13 2009

The US Olympic Family Unite
s! Gold Medal Mel is calling for the entire US Olympic Family to vote for Natalie & dance partner Alec Mazo!

If the US Olympic Family responds in force, it should help this team press on. After all, we're talking family here!


Trapped in the Closet with Donny Osmond

October 13, 2009
Trapped in the Closet with Donny OsmondI have to admit I am trapped in the closet with Donny Osmond.

I don't mean that Donny is in the closet [see excessive display of affection from Donny to Bruno in week 3], I mean I AM in the closet about Donny Osmond and here's why:

I like him. More than I would like to like him. He's slowly becoming one of my faves and it pains me to say this.

I want to be ok with it, but it bothers me because of the Donny Osmond checklist we go through every single week.

The Donny Osmond Checklist:

#1. Pre-dancing video of Donny in practice, and somehow this week's dance is more daunting than anything he's done before. A lot of people say this, but it's not true with Donny because he's been performing since he was a fetus.

#2. The performance. It's always high-energy and pretty darn good. When you IMDb Donny to see how old he is, you find out he's 52 and you are like "No f******* way!" This is how Donny stakes his claim on your heart.

#3. Donny hates the idea of offending anyone in America. Case in point, after he displayed excessive love towards Bruno, he disclaimed it the following week. Donny, bubby, just suck it up and let America know you are ok with having fun and playing around. No reason to go homophobic on us.

#4. Donny is seriously cheesy. But the cheesiness doesn't bother me as much as when he's disingenuous. See #3.

#5. After getting the judges scores and sucking up to them a bit, he profusely thanks Kim and tells America what a wonderful teacher she is. Someone needs to do a YouTube mashup of all the sucking up that Donny does during the few moments he gets to talk on camera.

So, there you have it. And despite it all, I still love him. He really is a great performer and he puts everything into it every single week. Did I mention he's 52? No f******* way!

Are you also Donny Osmond fan?


Samantha Harris on Broadway as Roxy

October 13, 2009

So, this morning when I woke up I felt unsettled after watching Dancing with the Stars last night. Something was amiss in the universe, but I couldn't put my finger on it. And then I remembered a conversation between Samantha Harris and Kelly Osbourne:

Samantha: "And you said you want to play Roxy on Broadway in Chicago. So, do you think you passed your audition here?"

Kelly: "I don't know,
you played Roxy, you tell me."

Zounds! Samantha Harris played Roxy? This stirs up all kinds of questions. Did she wear a blonde wig? Did she sing and dance? Was it on Broadway like the REAL Broadway? I had a hard time picturing it, but lucky for us, the CBS Early Show did a story on this topic. Check it out:

Ok, I'm going to leave my opinion out of it because I'm curious about what you guys think. Can Samantha Harris sing and dance?


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