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50's is the new 30's!

DNovember 18, 2009
Donny Osmond is 52 years young (53 on Dec 9th) and has made it to the DWTS season 9 Finals! Maybe it was seeing sister Marie that finally did it or perhaps it was his legion of fans after four decades as an Entertainer who came through for Donny when he really needed it most after a rough Semi-Final 1st dance. Of the 8 previous Mirror Ball winners, not one was past their 30's when crowned champion. Past DWTS winners current ages in order from seasons 1 through 8: Kelly is 33, Drew 33, Emmitt 40, Apolo 27, Helio 34, Kristi 38, Brooke 38 and Shawn is just 27. Do you think that Donny is "Under Pressure" respresenting all "Men" and everyone over the age of 40 year olds when matched up up against youngsters Kelly and Mya? Either way, thank you Donny for showing us that 50's is the new 30's!

Under Pressure

Donny blames Marie

Donny and Kym: Samba

Is Donny "Under Pressure" to beat Marie, represent all "Men" and everyone over 40 years old of age, in the DWTS season 9 Final?
Let Donny know here


All-Girl's Final

Novemeber 17, 2009
Donny Osmond was the clear loser in the DWTS season 9 semi-final. Watch as Joanna, Kelly and Mya tear up their 3 dances while Donny missteps early and might have just hit the wall. Will fan votes for Donny be enough to surprise everyone expecting an All-Girls Final?


Will fan votes elevate Donny or is season 9 an All-Girl's Final?
Share your perspective here


Season 10: John Travolta

November 16, 2009
A post by a DWTS fan up North suggested John Travolta come be part of the show season 10 eh, what a fanastic suggestion! Travolta's dance legacy is deep, rich and colorful. From the 1970's through today, John rivals both Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze in terms of their impact on dance history...

Staying Alive


Urban Cowboy Deleted Scene

Pulp Fiction

Dancing with Ellen

Add your name to this thread below to show your support to John Travolta joining DWTS season 10!
John Travolta season 10 support here


Osmond Syndrome

November 14, 2009
Donny Osmond has lost weight season 9 as his sister Marie did season 5. To get the weight loss induced "Osmond Syndrome" one must have a busy schedule, face constant travel, participate in long dance practices, handle many family and Professional considerations, fight the flu bug, undergo yo-yo dieting and suffer from possible air quality issues. Marie fainted to the surprise of the audience and DWTS two years ago. Should fans worry that Donny might also be nearing exhaustion?

Donny appears ready to be One Bad Apple

Marie Osmond fainting season 5

Marie explains fainting to Tom Bergeron

Is slim-downed Donny nearing exhaustion as the season 9 DWTS Final Four approaches like his sister Marie did season 5?
Let us know here


Mamma's Boy Grows-up!

November 13, 2009
While there is no crying in DWTS, Aaron Carter is a self-labeled "Mamma's Boy" so that makes it a-okay for the 21-year old to get emotional one last time after being ousted on Tuesday. We watched Aaron grow-up on camera, become an accomplished dancer and trusted partner to Katrina, while doing all of his maturing before millions of fans and Television viewers. A top 5 DWTS season nine finish and a L.A. city proclamation is a job well done AC.

One Last Cry on tvguide

Aaron and Karina on Jimmy Kimmel

One Last Dance on The View

Will you miss Aaron and Karina in the semi-final's?
Yes or no here?


The Final Four's

November 12, 2009
Latoya Jackson is guest reporting for Access and did a nice interview of the DWTS "Final Four" consisting of Kelly, Donny (One Bad Apple), Joanna and Mya. Latoya and Donny made me think of the other other "Final Four", the Jackson 5. A & E will air a new TV show titled The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, premiering on Dec. 13th. Best wishes to each "Final Four " and RIP MJ.
Latoya & the DWTS Final Four

The Osmonds: "One Bad Apple"

The Jackson Five: "ABC"

Which remaining DWTS couple has the the Final Four edge?
Share your insights here


"Dance Center"

November 30, 2009
Season 9 "Dance Center" was hosted by season 2 DWTS self-appointed Champion Kenny Mayne, Hall of Famer and funny man Jerry Rice, and the ol' wanker himself Len Goodman! In case you missed it, in Part 1, pay special attention to Joanna's curious laugh, Donny and Bruno's zany relationship, and Aaron Carter's near incredible pain threshhold. In Part 2, they discuss the "enigma" Kelly Osbourne who swears like a trucker, Mya's anger problems, and they play a sophisticated game of 'Electric' DWTS to determine who wins this year's Mirror Ball.

"Dance Center" part 1

"Dance Center" part 2

Did you enoy this season's "Dance Center?"
Discuss here


Final Five Review

November 10, 2009
The season 9 DWTS Final Five show was fun to watch but it was hard to get a feel for the actual dancing with all the crazy 1980's and 90's themes, costumes and music. Nice moment when Donny after dancing the Waltz and attempting the "Fleckle" mentioned my Profile name, AiryFairyArms!! Anyone want to be ArtyFarty?!

Review of Final Five


Who do you feel danced their way out of the Final Five?
Answer here


DWTS Guest Singers Unplugged

November 9, 2009
Young Taylor Swift sang an innocent song on DWTS and then was "Unplugged" on SNL. Guest singer Susan Boyle has a new look (and likes the Osbourne's) which will be "Unplugged" on DWTS Tuesday night.

Taylor Swift singing on DWTS

Taylor Swift "Unplugged" on SNL

The old Susan Boyle 1st "Unplugged"

The new Susan Boyle ready for DWTS

The new Susan Boyle on DWTS

Do you look forward to the new Susan Boyle and her "Unplugged" guest singing appearance on DWTS?
Let this blog know here


Dancer, Actor & Rocker

Novemeber 6, 2009
Derek Hough is a Professional Dancer, Actor and Singer who is teamed up with swimsuit model Joanna Krupe to make an eye candy of a couple. But can Derek really act and sing? Watch the Rumba Training beach scene video below and you tell me about his acting skills. Next, watch Derek and Mark Ballas sing on "People" and then deliver their new song "Move" on DWTS last week. Again, you make the call if he can really sing.

Derek the Actor

Ballas Hough Band or BHB sings on "People"

Derek and Mark sing "Move" on DWTS

Sabrina Bryan interviews Derek after DWTS show

There you have it, Derek is very popular with DWTS fans. He has an emerging acting and singing career. He's excellent at Ballroom dancing and Derek has earned his along way with Joanna into the DWTS Final 5.
Will Derek's many talents help or hurt him as he focuses in on the Mirror Ball?
Say your mind here


Odds or Solar Arcs point the way

November 5, 2009
Who knows who will win the Mirror Ball season 9? Ever consider the betting Odds or someone's "Solar Arcs?" Every DWTS fan has an opinion whether Kelly, Mya, Donny, Joanna or Aaron will move on but why not ask the Vegas and Astrology experts who they favor or sense will have the best chance for success

According to Las Vegas oddsmakers TheSpread.com on Sept 11th, Aaron Carter was favored to win Season 9 at 3 to 1 odds. Mya was second at 4 to 1, Donny 5 to 1, Joanna came in at a surprising 15 to 2, while Kelly faced grave odds of winning at 20 to 1. Others of note included Macy Gray at 5 to 1, Michael Irvin and Nataie Coughlin both at 7 to 1, and Tom DeLay at 25 to 1.
The most recent odds below have Aaron improving to 2 to 1 odds, however, Mya is now considered an "Even" bet and the favored to win it all. Donny is sitting at nice 1.25 to 1 odds, while Joanna is right there at 3 to 1. Kelly has improved to 7.5 to 1 but she's still a longshot for sure.

Astrologist Lauren Delsack feels Donny has a "Sense of Gemini" going for him during DWTS. Looking into his "Natal" and "Draconic" chart reveals more reasons as to why Donny may win. Donny's "Solar Arcs" and "Transits" give him a pretty picture.

Odds and Solar Arcs, it just might come down to these important and perhaps overlooked perspectives when considering who will win the Mirror Ball.
Do you factor in Las Vegas odds or Astrology signs when considered the DWTS winner?
Let us know right here


AB Power no match for Flu!

Novemeber 4, 2009
The Flu bug has taken it's toll on DWTS season 9 and week 7 was no exception. Donny Osmond used strong will power and anything legal to get through his flu and dance into the next week's round of 5, Lacey Schwimmer could not do the same. Michael Irvin and Mark Decascos both used their incredible 40's-something AB's to become complete dancers and help fend off the flu but got eliminated last night anyway. Can any of the remaining 5 DWTS competitors and their dance partners get the flu and still advance?

Bye-Bye Mike & Mark

Jimmy Kimmel & the AB Twins

The Flu hits DWTS!!

The 5 competitors left are all good enough to win the coveted Mirror Ball. If any of the remaining 5 contestants or their dance partner gets the flu, will they still advance or is it too difficult now to simply Osmond by with judge empathy and a large amounts of fan votes?
Thanks for sharing your opinion here


Maturity at 21

November 2, 2009
Former Backstreet Boy Aaron Carter has matured right before our eyes season 9 of DWTS. Right? Rumors of his gayness and also of sleeping with dance partner Karina Smirnoff do not faze him at all. Even the tough judging early on in the competition only served to help Aaron see that at 21 years old, he needed to grow up on-camera right now or else face immediate elimination. Check out the fun photo's of a young Aaron and the new dance Karina and him did on "The Ellen Show." The women of "The View" show are okay with immature Aaron who cry's and danced a fluffy Lambada. Aaron showed off his new found maturity best in the elegant Waltz dance on DWTS. He is more mature as a dancer but is Aaron really like that off camera?
Aaron and Karina dancing on The Ellen Show
The View defends Aaron's immature crying and Lambada
The more mature Waltz
Congrats to Aaron and Karina for making it this far in the DWTS dance competition. Another double elimination show is next.
Aaron's new maturity while dancing on-camera is real. At 21 years old and with a 16-year Entertainment career already under his belt, do you feel that Aaron is acting more mature while off-camera as well?

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