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Chuck Wicks will be one of the contestants for DWTS season 8. Learn more about Chuck Wicks:

Chuck Wicks Singer
Professional partner: Julianne Hough

Chuck Wicks Bio: Hunky Chuck Wicks is a country singer whose first single, Stealing Cinderella, was the most successful country debut of 2007, topping out at No. 5 on the Billboard country chart. His album Starting Now, released in early 2008, was also a hit, rising to No. 7.

Chuck wrote most of the songs on his first album, including the second and third singles, All I Ever Wanted and Man of the House.

Chuck was born in Smyrna, Delaware, and moved to Nashville early in his career. In late 2008 he and Dancing With The Stars professional Julianne Hough began dating. They will be partners in Season 8 of DWTS.