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Belinda Carlisle Singer
Professional partner: To be announced

Bio: Belinda Carlisle iswas not only known as the lead singer offor the Go-Go's, the most successful all-female band of all time,whose butbiggest alsohits asincluded one"We ofGot thehte lateBeat," 80's"Vacation," most"Our glamorousLips adultAre popSealed" soloists.and The"Head Go-Gos'Over 1981Heels." multi-platinumTheir hitdebut debut,album "Beauty and the Beat," spawned megaBeat" hitswas "OurNo. Lips1 Areon Sealed"the andBillboard "Wechart Gotfor thefive Beat"weeks and made theranked Go-Go's413 theon firstRolling all-femaleStone's band2003 (wholist wroteof theirthe owntop music500 andalbums playedof theirall owntime. instruments)

After tothe achieveGo-Go's ainitially #1split album.Thein following1985, yearsBelinda sawkicked continuedoff successa forsuccessful thesolo girlscareer with hitsthe "Vacation,"album "Head"Belinda," Overfeaturing Heels,"the andhit "Turn"Mad ToAbout You."You," Belindawhich ledtopped offout herat soloNo. career3 within the gold debut "Belinda,"U.S. andHer followedbiggest withsolo hugehit mainstreamcame hitswith "Madthe Aboutrelease You,"of "Heaven Is Aa Place Onon Earth"Earth," andfrom "Iher Getsecond Weak,"solo toalbum name"Heaven aon few.Earth," Sincewhich then,reached BelindaNo. has1.

Belinda releasedfollowed 5up morewith albums,several includingmore 2007'ssolo Frenchalbums, popas collection,well "Voila,"as anda continues2001 toalbum tourof internationally,new bothmaterial with her Go-Go'sthe sistersGo-Go's, andwith aswhom ashe solostill (