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Why Niecy Nash Should Win 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Niecy Nash'Dancing With the Stars' is not my cup of tea. There are many reasons -- probably enough for a whole other article -- but now that I watch the show, I've come to this conclusion: Niecy Nash should win the competition.

Yes, Niecy and her jiggly parts need to nab that mirrorball trophy or else any shred of enjoyment I got from this season will be gone. Forever.

Before this season launched everybody expected Nicole Scherzinger and Evan Lysacek to be great. Guess what? They are doing pretty well. People expected Kate Gosselin to be awful. Guess what? She was the most robotic dancer to ever exist in the history of dancing. Elaine from 'Seinfeld' could bust a move better than her. But, what did people expect from Niecy? Hilarity? Well, she's delivering some of the most entertaining moments on the show, but she's also clearly trying to win this competition.

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