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Slogan: If you are going to fight, know what you are fighting against AND what you are fighting for.
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Hello, my name is Heather!

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Hometown: Lubbock, TX
Location: Lubbock, TX
Birthday: October 3


My favorite DWTS pro dancer:
My all-time favorite DWTS celebrity dancer:
Emmitt Smith
My favorite DWTS dance style
Spanish..I love the Paso Doble
Celebrity I'd like to see on DWTS:
Charlie Sheen
Other shows I'm watching right now:
How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Hell On Wheels
What else you should know about me: Call me The Wolf...I may procrastinate, but I am at my best at the eleventh hour, so have no fear. I am blonde, voluptuous, quick-witted, and stubborn. I read...not just literature, but people, situations, and possibilities. Namaste

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